July 14, 2008

Learning Fatigue

I think I'm right at that peak place in my education where I just want out. I want to be done I want to be working and not constantly worry about all these assignments. I know that working will have its share of, well, work, but it's different. I've worked before and I know the pressures, but I also know I can leave them out of my house. With school, you just can't do that. It's with you all the time. I write my papers here, I study here, I plan here. I have 2 semesters after this and then I'm done my BSW. However, I still won't be done just yet.

Right after I graduate, I plan on applying for my MSW. I'm in the swing of things (even though I want it to be over) and I feel that if I go to work, I might not take the break to ever complete my MSW and I know that's something I have to do. I also don't think I could do my MSW while working. I may be decently intelligent, but I have very little discipline. I think I'd procrastinate and do very poorly. If I'm going to do the MSW, I have to have my focus on that and that alone.

So yeah, it's almost over, but it's really not almost over. It's like I'll be looking at a different chapter. Hopefully that will be refreshing for me and I don't have to simply sludge through rather than finish with passion.

I plan on writing about my MSW application experiences when I start applying in the fall.


cb said...

I think the systems there operate in quite a different way from ours - and I expect they are more expensive too which would be a consideration.
I had a few years gap between my BA (which was in a different subject) and my MA and I remember after finishing my BA feeling that I just wanted to be able to read a book for pleasure rather than because it was on a reading list!
Also here, it doesn't actually make any difference career-wise if you have a bachelors or a masters degree - once you are qualified you are qualified. I only did the Masters because I already had a degree!
I'll certainly be interested on reading about the process anyway :)

kiwiofknowledge said...

It can seem endless sometimes, this school thing. But somewhat exciting too. Are you going to be applying to the MSW at the same school?

antiSWer said...

I need a MSW here if I want to go into private practice...and all the good clinical jobs need MSWs, too.

As for whether I'll do it at my current school, well, no. Their MSW program hasn't been approved yet. Also, I'm not totally impressed with this school based on some decisions they've made, so I'm looking forward to going to a different school.

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