July 26, 2008

Semester Home Stretch

I'm so close to being done classes for the summer that I can almost taste it. I have one major paper that I have to smooth out and then the stress of these last few months is over.

This has been a spectacularly horrid semester, to say the least. I came into it thinking that it would be pretty damn easy with only three classes and some part time work. Well, that would have been great if one of the instructors that I had wasn't bordering on insanity. In the first couple classes, she seemed alright, but things started to go fishy when she doubled the length of our assignment. Then we realized that she wasn't really listening to anything we said. THEN, when we got our first assignment back, we found out that she thought we were idiots. It really only got worse from there.

Anyways, I should be wrapping up my assignment tonight (barring massive procrastination) and then I look forward to a month of relaxing and fun. I plan to catch up on some movies, some reading and work on a couple of ideas I have for this blog.

As well, I plan to get away from this place for a bit and head over to Victoria for a few days. I am REALLY looking forward to THAT. :)

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cb said...

I was in Victoria a few years back during my great Pan-Canadian adventure (Montreal to Vancouver.. well, actually Victoria (!) and back) .. very pretty! It partly reminded me of a somewhere like Bournemouth on the south coast here - but in other ways, it was completely different! Anyway, enjoy the break!

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