August 29, 2008

Countdown to Classes

Well, I have just over three days left until my second last semester of my BSW begins. This semester, I have two electives and one social work elective to take. My social work elective is on family therapy. My other two electives are on the history of the Aboriginal people from my area and a class on advertising as social commentary.

On the subject of social work electives, I'm a bit upset with my school. I have been in the BSW program since January 2007 and only once has the mental health class been offered (and I was unavailable to take it). Our offering of electives is simply horrid. Only just last semester was a health care class offered. Yet this family therapy class has been offered three times in that time period.

There is no rhyme or reason. They don't survey the students, they don't look at what is needed, they just offer whatever and go with it. Our department is in a bit of an upheaval with a few instructors having been fired or left and our department head being fired. Right now, we have an "acting" head who is to be replaced this winter. We have not been served very well.

Anyway, since this semester is starting so soon, I'm taking time to just relax. We've been touring around a bit, going to nice restaurants and seeing movies. I'm going to go right now to have a nap and then play some video games or maybe watch a movie. In no time, I will have chapter upon chapter to read and papers to write.

Yikes, this was a bit of a rambling post and I do apologize for that. I hope that when the semester starts, I can integrate some of my learning that's taking place into the blog. Actually, the more I think of it, the more I realize this will be a busy semester. I have classes, work, organizing my practicum AND applying for MSW programs.

Should be fun... :|


cb said...

It'll be interesting to hear about your thoughts as you go! Enjoy the next few days of rest :)

Reas Kroicowl said...

Interesting on the mental health class. Seeing as a good portion of people with whom you will work are likely to have mental health issues (and I'm not about just the clients here! =) ) it would seem to me that class should be required.

Good luck!

cb said...

I agree with Reas - I think mental health covers almost all areas of Social Work in some way or another..

antiSWer said...

Good points. That's why I think that being generalists is so important for us. Everywhere we work, having knowledge of certain things will help us. Who of us won't need to know about addiction issues? Or child welfare? Or mental illness? Or family issues? Child abuse? It's important to have a little knowledge of all, and also the knowledge of where to find out more.

therapydoc said...

You're really making the most of your education. Sounds great.

Anonymous said...

get out while you can - go into another more lucrative field - I got my MSW in 1988 and have been doing social work ever since - hoping that things will get better for us as social workers - it hasnt - I have 4 children and I will not let any of them become social workers - try another more lucrative field (social work is field where the charity workers/settlement house workers of the past continue to haunt us - essentially social wokers are professional volunteers working in poor conditions with low income)

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