September 25, 2008

Women in the Election

So because I'm a man, I feel that it's important for me to write about women. Hmm, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but I'm going with it. I have MANY sisters, so I'm also using that as an excuse.

In this current Canadian election, it was recently reported that there are a record number of female candidates running for a seat. While this is a good step, it is still not sufficient, in my eyes.

Although women represent more than 50% of the population of Canada, the percentage of women running for parliament is just 27%.

This number has been boosted by party policies by the Liberals and NDP to run a certain percentage of women candidates. This has caused some controversy, as some are saying that the best candidate is not necessarily allowed to run because of this policy. While it's hard to disagree with that, I think the "sacrifice" is worth it. Women were held out of politics as early back as 1929 (when they were officially recognized as "persons" in Canada) and it's not too much to ask to let them take a bit of a center stage to show what they can do.

I do hope the day comes where there are equal, or close to equal numbers of women in parliament. As well, I'd like to see more Aboriginals, more ethnic minorities and more young people in office.

Oh, and for the record, Canada has had a woman Prime Minister. Her name was Kim Campbell and she served for approximately six months in 1993.


Reas Kroicowl said...

Well, as long as said women up there aren't Sarah Palin-esque, you're in good shape.

I'd be interested in knowing the numbers down here as women vs. men on the national and state scene. Well less than 27% would be my guess.

antiSWer said...

Most of the women that run here are on the left side of things, though there are some on the right. And yes, we have some kooks, too. ;)

I would think Canada might have more women running, but I would venture a guess that the amount elected are not THAT might higher.

Maybe I'll look at breaking it down one day...

Jezebel said...


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