November 21, 2008

New Social Work Blogs Found!

I was surfing and searching the other day, and came upon a cache of social work blogs that I'd like to share. They all seem to be from NYU's Social Work program and they're quite good. I haven't gone through all of them enough to know about them, so I'll just post the links and let you check them out. Enjoy!

Five Seconds to Spare: A Social Work Blog

How Did That Make U Feel?

The 32 Month-er

The Thought Train

Midlife Musings and my Second Career

The Daily Samosa

confessions of an over-analyzer

Not another "Moo" point

Maybe you've seen them before and maybe not. Check them out if you feel like it. There's some good stuff there.

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cb said...

Nice - I'll have a look when I'm back from work :)

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