November 28, 2008

Out With The Old, In With The New

Each semester, I finish off all my work and then get really excited about the break that I get between semesters. When in the break, I get really bored and need stuff to keep me occupied. I know this about myself. However, I'm beginning to think that I need this confusion. If I didn't get horribly bored, I wouldn't look forward to classes the next semester!

I just finished editing my last paper and just have a couple exams to complete and then I'm done all my classes of my degree. That's scary to write! This might possibly be the last of my schooling (other than practicum...I'll get to that later) for a while! Seeing all of my classmates yesterday was fun, but kind of sad. I've also been saying my goodbyes to instructors and my library job. I won't be able to do it next semester as my practicum will take up too much of my time.

As for my practicum, I went for my interview and was happy enough with the placement. It is in a community mental health organization for adults. I was hoping for more acute care experience than they can offer, but I have my feelers out for opportunities with that. This organization has many different programs that I will be able to check out, and then give one or two of them my full attention the deeper into the semester I get. The ones that are standing out right now are the short term assessment team, and the concurrent disorders program.

It's good to have the practicum sorted out, as well as having completed all of my coursework, so I can focus my attention this December on lazing about, reading and playing video games.


Anonymous said...

I often have the same problem on breaks. They get boring after awhile. Any idea what kind of job you want to get? The practicum sounds cool. I am doing mine with intellectual disabilities.

antiSWer said...

If I were to answer right now, I'd say I want a job in community mental health, just like my practicum is going to be. However, I can see myself doing hospital work, too. Just part time, though. I think I'd also like to pursue teaching. And maybe Aboriginal child welfare. Ah, so much to do, so little time...

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