November 25, 2008


Tomorrow I am to embark on an interview for the final practicum of my BSW. I'm not expecting any heavy grilling, but more both sides feeling the other out. Me finding out what I can learn at the site, them finding out what I can do. 

It is a community mental health site, but there is opportunity for me to do some work in acute care, as well. While I'm more interested in the community aspect, I think it's good for me to get some experience in acute care, as there are a lot of jobs in the hospitals around here, and it's always good to have that backup. 

In my cohort, I've noticed some real panic about interviews for practicums lately. I don't know if it's me, but I've never had one go especially tough. They mostly know that you have some stuff to learn, and more want to see that you are open to that learning, and that you're a good fit for the organization and the supervisor. If you're not a good fit, why would you want to go, anyways?

Oh, another thing is that this being end of term, and with me only doing my practicum next semester, I am pleased to announce that I have written, and only have to finish editing, my final research paper of my undergraduate degree! It was actually quite a fun paper to write. The topic was direct to consumer advertising of psychiatric drugs.

After I finish this paper, I have a couple exams next week and then that's it! I can't wait to lounge in coffee shops, reading newspapers and nibbling biscotti, not having to worry about research or readings! 

It's finally coming to the end...of course, then I'll be starting up again with my MSW in the fall.



cb said...

Hope the interview went well!

antiSWer said...


It went well. It's a totally different feel from my last practicum where there was a lot of...well, younger people working there. A lot less energy here and maybe a bit more division. :|

What I didn't like is that the acute care opportunity doesn't seem to extensive...but I'm still negotiating. ;)

It'll work out.

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