December 22, 2008


We went into the city yesterday for dinner and the snow was just a bit worse than it looks in this photograph. It was certainly a lot deeper, that's for sure.

The drive out there was fine, and the dinner was great, but the drive home left something to be desired, that's for sure. We had to drop someone off down a backstreet that hadn't been plowed and I was sure we were going to get stuck. I panicked a bit at one point, but we got out of there.

Then it was onto the freeway, where we moved at a snails pace in low visibility for at least a couple hours. I was amazed at how much pain I was in after the drive was over. I was on high alert through the whole drive, and that is all stress. I was so relieved to see home after that drive. My back and neck were sore, my head hurt a bit and my mind was in overdrive. I hit bed and was out like a light.

So today, I'm kicking back, gonna play some video games and surf some sites. I'm just gonna take it easy and just recover.

I hope everyone's holiday plans are going smoothly.

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