July 14, 2009

Allergies and Alternative Treatment

The reason I've really not been writing all that much is that I really don't have much to write about. I envisioned this blog to be mostly social work related, and what I'm doing right now is just not related in any way that I want to write about. So anyways, in order to get back writing a bit, I'm just gonna offer some personal stuff here. Specifically about my health.

I have suffered from allergies since my late adolescence and have never found anything that gives me any lasting relief. I've taken all of the available antihistamines and while some of them work for a while, they usually end up failing on me, and when they do work, they give me nasty headaches. The sprays do just the same. I've tried some herbal remedies, but they're never very much help. Same as the drugs.

My latest experiment is with the neti pot. I have been using it on and off for a few weeks and while I'm still not sure how much it actually helps rid me of allergies, it has cleared my sinuses in a comfortable way more than anything I've tried before. However, I hate using it. It takes about 5 minutes to use properly and after that it's done, but that 5 minutes sucks. Sometimes I'm really clogged up and it's just a process of frustration, other times I don't have the saline solution mixed right and it stings. Sometimes it goes fine. But even those times suck. Here's a Youtube demonstration of how it works: Neti Pot Demo

As much as I dislike it, I would recommend it for anyone that has a problem with clogged sinuses or allergies. It's definitely worth the 5 minutes of discomfort to be able to breath out of my nose properly!


Still Dreaming said...

I have one of those. I agree, takes to long, but it actually works.

Anonymous said...

Instead of using the neti pot try a western version known as NeilMed Sinus Rinse - see the link here: http://www.neilmed.com/can/index.php You can buy it from shoppers drug mart and the other pharmacy chains in Canada. It's a soft plastic water bottle and it comes with preprepared salt solutions. I'm a yoga teacher (from England originally) and discovered Neilmed when I moved to Canada. I was always getting the salt quantity wrong when I did neti and it made my nose sting! Also I often seem to get water running out of my ears which wasn't pleasant. I started using Neilmed and honestly it's made the whole neti practice so much easer. I encourage you to continue to do this practice - it's really effective at treating allergies. When my husband had nose surgery, the surgeon actually recommend he use Neilmed post surgery and that's how I discovered it. Good luck with it - its far better to master simple things like this than to be plagued with allergies and end up taking lots of pills - which of course is easier (taking medication) but is a very western way of approaching something. I'm always struck by how just taking a little bit more time than we want at doing something can often succeed better than doing anything for the quickest. Maybe I notice it more because it's a cultural thing in Ontario compared to England - everything has to be fast and instant here - but that doesn't mean its necessarily better! Hope you're enjoying your break. I'm looking forward to mine in August when I finish my distance course at the end of July!

antiSWer said...

I do use the Neilmed, actually! Not the bottle, but the neti pot that they make. The prepackaged solution is great, though. I used that image because it's nicer to look at. ;)

At first, I had no idea what the salt was for, but used it anyways. One day I forgot to mix the solution up before pouring and...well, that wasn't fun.

And yes, I'm a sucker for the quick fix. I write too fast, I eat to fast and I want things done NOW! I'm working on it. ;) It's gonna be a challenge when I move...things are slower paced where I am right now. Gonna hafta be mindful all the time.

Enjoy your break when it comes, whoever you are! ;)

Anatolia said...

A coworker was just telling me about this the other day. I usually use the boiled-tea cup method, but I think I'd give this a try.

T. J. said...

Love, love, love the Neti Pot! I also have a hard time getting motivated to use it, and when I do, I am so grateful because it really works!

~Ms. t. J.

antiSWer said...

I've actually been using it a lot more lately and it's getting easier and quicker to do. It's so much better than having the antihistamine headache.

Reas Kroicowl said...

I've never used the Neti Pot per se, but I have done saline rinses in the past. They certainly seem to get the job done.

Amy Rose said...

Hey I just figured out I can subscribe to my own posts to get comments via email so I know they are there! So Sorry for the late reply to your post on 7/21 to Dream Advocate, but feel free to use anything there as needed!

Have you tried allergy shots -- yes it takes a while to get up to maintenance (about a yr) but overall improves life for extended periods of time?

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