December 20, 2009

Following the Breadcrumbs

I remember way back when Internet Cafe browsing was just getting started, and there were reports that some places that offered it would have a special computer that projected one person's screen onto a larger screen. People would watch what others were surfing, and it would be considered a kind of performance art. The reason I bring this up is that I find it fascinating what kinds of things one can find just by clicking around from a starting point. We've all experienced it. We start on our favorite forum, and then jump around to a few recommended links, ending up at a link that we can't live without, and offer up to everyone.

This happened this morning. I've been working with a few clients that are suicidal, and am having my own struggles with this fact. My link progression wasn't so profound this time, but it brought me to a page I'd never seen before and which is quite powerful.

So anyways, I started on a twit from psychcentral, that progressed onto the Mental Health Year in Review 2009. From there, they linked to an article on a single page on suicide that's helped others. And that, in the end, linked to that page.

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