December 4, 2009

More Yoga and Social Work

The more time I spend on the yoga mat (or away from it, for that matter), the more I see its relevance and importance to the work that we do. Here's another article about yoga in a psychotherapy setting that you might enjoy, if you have an interest in this subject. Here's a small excerpt that really speaks to what the contribution might be:
"Talk therapy is limited by one thing—the therapeutic work is done in the talking. To really tap into the physical side of emotional pain, there must be a leap taken from the talk to the body, and yoga is that leap. Yoga is, experientially, mind and body all wrapped into one. Yogic practices consistently utilize and illustrate grounding, centering, and methods of self-regulation, including attentiveness to breath and relaxation."
Here is the link to the article: Yoga: A Healing Art in a Psychotherapy Context

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Pittsburgh Perambulations said...

This is something that has always interested me. I used to be a case worker for children dealing with mental illnesses, and I always wanted to start a basic yoga class for them.

I think another benefit to practicing yoga is also learning dedication! Yoga is work!

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