January 24, 2010

Coolest Psychotherapy Intervention

I've been following this blog post on the Psychology Today blog area about psychotherapy interventions. He's doing a countdown, and so far, has three posted, along with a related post discussing it.

Lately, I've been exploring more and more what will work in what I'm doing, and have used The Miracle Question, at the very least. I thought a few of you might be interested in this post, as he does his countdown. Here is the post: The Ten Coolest Therapy Interventions

 I shy away from overt interventions, unless it really fits into the flow of a session. I can't say I yet have a favorite one that I use often. Does anyone have a favorite intervention that they want to share, either from using it, or having experienced it in therapy?


mswsarah said...

I have to do a paper on my Mental Health interventions class and have no clue yet on my favorite intervention but that post looks like it might give me some ideas :) Thanks for sharing!

spldbch said...

What do you mean by "overt" interventions?

Ryan Howes, Ph.D. said...

I'm glad you like the series, AntiSW. It will sample some of the old standards as well as the strange, but 10 techniques barely scratches the surface. Keep looking for theories and techniques that match your personality and clientele.

By the way, I interviewed Yalom last year for my Seven Questions Project. He expanded on some points he made in Gift of Therapy - you might find it interesting.

Be well -


antiSWer said...

I saw that interview and really liked it. I'll be going over your blog to read the other interviews. Very interesting. As for theories, my current fave is Coherence Therapy. I've been applying a bit of it, and really like it. I have other things I like, but this is my pet right now.

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