December 27, 2012

unprotected - a promotion

Author Kristin Johnson is offering a special promotion on her book, "unprotected", which is about a child protection social worker. Here's a synopsis:
Unprotected is the story of Amanda Danscher, a young woman who accepts a position as a child protection social worker. She quickly becomes embroiled in a case against their Minnesota town's former champion hockey player and favorite son, Chuck Thomas, who will do anything to buck the system rather than work with it including whatever it takes to get Amanda out of his way. Luckily Amanda reconnects with Jacob, a new county attorney who has the means to help and protect her, but no clue how to break down her own defenses. Set against the backdrop of the always messy and complex world of child protection, Unprotected is ultimately about family and a young woman's discovery that there are all kinds of family and many places that can be called home.
Here's the link to the free Kindle download, which is available until the 30th.

I downloaded it this morning and hope to read it as soon as possible! Let me know what you think about it.


Carolyn said...

Unfortunately, Amazon does not seem to wish to acknowledge that there are other e-readers in the world. Particularly in Canada. Won't download it for anything other than a Kindle. I have a Kobo. I have software that can change it so I can read it on a Kobo. But Amazon is silly!

Anonymous said...

and I've a nook. good luck with your sales. sounds interesting. GEB

antiSWer said...

Ah, that's too bad. Unfortunately, I think the deal is only for the Kindle, as that is the only link the author provided to me. If other deals come up for other readers, I'll let you know.

Carolyn said...

I'll look for it at the library...


Burned Out Social Worker said...

Darn, I missed it!

Lauren said...

Does anyone know if this is still available?

antiSWer said...

Not at the promotional price, but it is for sale through the link. I just checked.

Antisocial-Carl said...

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Jason Fullen said...

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