January 16, 2010

Doubt and Affirmation

Before the holiday break, I was on track, in gear and rolling. For the first time, a placement was really working for me and I didn't want it to be over, as I have with all three of my other placements. While I enjoyed elements of all three of those other practicum, when I got a couple months in, I wanted out! This time, that wasn't happening.

Cue holiday break. In that time, I had time for reflection, further reading, discussing what I was doing, as well as some freedom. I was able to put my internship out of my mind for a well needed rest. Well, a couple weeks in, the doubt started in on me. Was I doing the right thing? Am I any good at this? Should I really go the route that I often joke about and go into accounting? Sigh...

Well, yesterday was the day I got back on track. I saw a couple clients that I've had some real success with, and got some solid feedback that let me know that I was doing a good job. I really needed that.


psychotherapistinthesouth said...

Good for you! I think it's healthy for us to constantly reassess our commitment to this demanding, important field!

~Ms. T. J.

Anonymous said...


I was feeling a bit down on my luck this week as a 3rd yr student - social service worker- as I have had no luck in finding a practicum placement so far.

I am so glad to have found you blog! Thank you!


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