February 16, 2010

Followup to "Kids on Antipsychotics"

In a recent post, I wrote a bit about kids on anti-psychotics, and a related story. There's a follow up to this and it has some relation to the new revisions being proposed for the DSM. I thought since the past article was referenced here, there might be some out there that would like the rest of the story. Here's the article:



SocialWrkr24/7 said...

Ugh! I wrote a post about the article in your initial blog post - and totally forgot to link to you for credit! Sorry! This topic totally fascinates/enrages me. :)

I think the new diagnosis is better than saddling kids with a Bipolar one - but more importantly, I think diagnosing kids often takes the focus off of some very real environmental factors which are affecting the child's behavior. Just my two cents.... :)

antiSWer said...

My concern is actually that the new diagnosis is LESS stigmatizing, and will be placed onto more children. If the same treatment goes along with this as so-called childhood bipolar, then the medication treatment will be the same...but now on more children.

There has to be a better way...

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