October 8, 2008

Elections + the Economy and Food Banks

I have a few things to comment on today. I'll just get to it!

This is the craziest political season I've ever seen. We have the US elections, the Canadian elections and then our municipal elections are shortly thereafter. I'm getting overloaded! As much as I love the happenings of all these events, I have books to read, papers to write and presentations to prepare for! I want it all to be done! Soon! First up is the Canadian election, which is held on Oct. 14th, then the US election which is on Nov. 4, then the municipals which are held on Nov. 15. That's a lot of politics to follow!

As for the economy and food banks part of the title, I recently saw a news report that donations to the food bank are WAY down in the area that I live. The biggest reason is concerns about the economy. Now, in the US, I can see this. You guys are in trouble, by many different measures. But while the Canadian economy and US economy are linked in many ways, they are in no way interchangable. We have a degree of separation and we have, thus far (other than freaking gas prices) been largely unaffected. People should not be panicking like this.

Anyways, whether you are affected or not, North America is a rich, rich society. We have SO much more than others around the world, as well as many in our communities. I can put aside a little bit to give to others, even when my income is...well, practically nothing. I can give up that extra can of tuna, or buy a box of pasta that's on sale. 

We have already donated two bags of food to our local food bank, and I think it's a good idea for us to do more. I'd like to start buying staples that are on sale and donating them, at the very least. I'm going to try to encourage my classmates to give up a little bit, to that others may have something.

I hope I can inspire a few to do the same, in these admittedly difficult times.



bluejeansocialwork said...

You know what I like about you antiSWer? You are very action oriented. You see a good social work or community idea, and you dive in and do something. That is inspirational. And I'm obsessed with the election season, too. I'm hoping I can start doing good things like you once the election is done and I have some time to do something besides read news.

antiSWer said...

I'm gonna go all modest and just say thank you. I try to do a little bit, and hope that I can do more in the future. :)

cb said...

Good work!

Reas Kroicowl said...

It just doesn't get much more basic then food, does it?

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