November 12, 2008

Social Work Poetry - III

We were offered this poem in my Aboriginal Social Work class just last year. When we got around to discussing it, we all sat around blankly, a bunch of social workers attempting to understand poetry. The confusion was spectacular. Looking at it now, it's so simple. What was our problem? Anyways, hope you enjoy.


Interview with The Social Worker

It all started because I gave her my best chair with the black velvet
embroidered with red roses & she sat in it like it was a disease
She said how can you live like this
I said how can you live like that
she said don't get smart with me
I said I'm always smart I have too many brains
its not my fault       genetics
she said I don't think you're eligible
I said I'm still unmarried she said
that has nothing to do with it I think
I am through here
I said I'll never let you through here
not if I have anything to say about it


Chrystos. (1992). Interview with the social worker. In B. Slapin & D. Seal (Eds.), Through Indian eyes: The Native experience in books for children (p.59). Philadelphia, PA: New Society Publishers.


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cb said...

I rather like that poem.

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